Re: Choose signing key

Em 02-08-2008 17:13:26 Albrecht Dreß escreveu:
> Hi all:
> Attached is a simple patch against svn rev. 7953 which lets you  
> explicitly specify a key id for an identity, instead of letting Balsa 
> choose a key.  In the text entry, enter the 8-digit hex id of the key 
> which shall be used.  If the entry is empty, Balsa will automagically 
> choose the proper key for the identity (mail address), or display a  
> dialogue to choose one if more are available.  Any comments are of  
> course welcome!
> Am 02.08.08 16:00 schrieb(en) Bruno Miguel:
> > > be improved, though.  If you have any ideas, they would be
> welcome!
> > 
> > The ability to create signing filters, so a specific email address  
> > would be automatically signed with a specific key, also allowing 
> the
> > sender to remove the signature if he wanted.
> Well, I thought more about dealing with the GnuPG trust data, see  
> <
> GPGMiniHowto-1.html#ss1.3>.
> IMHO, the information you are referring to goes beyond the scope of  
> Balsa and would better be stored in an address book or a similar data 
> base.  It could contain the following information for each person:
> * shall receive signed messages
>    - yes/no
>    - use key with ID xxx (optional)
> * shall receive encrypted messages
>    - yes/no
>    - use key with ID yyy (optional)
> * use protocol: RFC 2440/2633/3156
> * (maybe more could be usefu8l, like default language etc.)
> However, dealing with this information is not so easy - what should  
> Balsa do if you send a message to multiple recipients with  
> contradictory statements?
> >> And now, when you send a message, you always get a dialogue to  
> >> choose the key, right?
> > 
> > I haven't tried that, yet. But I will do it in a moment.
> May be superseded by the patch above...
> > I hope Balsa's community doesn't think I'm trying to force 
> anything.
> > I'm just suggesting features I would like to see in Balsa and I  
> > consider useful to other people. Unfortunately for me, I never  
> > learned how to code, so I can't send patches; only make 
> suggestions,
> > send debugs, etc.
> Any feedback from users is always very welcome!  It just sometimes  
> needs some discussion before I completely understand /what/ you
> want...  
> ;-) (and of course you have to find someone who thinks it really adds 
> value to Balsa, and who codes it).
> Cheers,
> Albrecht.

I configured Balsa with the patch and with the flags "--enable-smime --
enable-extra-mimeicons --with-gtkspell --with-libnotify --with-rubrica 
--with-ssl --with-gss -with-gpgme=gpgme-config" and it worked really 
well. :)

One thing: when I say filters for sign keys, I mean rules. My English 
is a bit rusty.

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