Re: SIGSEGV while trying to forward a mail

Le 18.09.2007 10:44:55, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :
>Hi Jean-Luc!
>On 09/17/2007 02:02:25 PM Mon, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If I try to forward a mail (attached or inline), I get a SIGSEGV.
>> This occurs with any message in my Inbox.
>I couldn't reproduce that, but came across a bug that could corrupt  
>memory, possibly causing this SIGSEGV.  If you can reproduce the crash 
>with your current Balsa, could you update to current svn and try 
> again?

I got it each time with my version of balsa.
I've just updated with latest SVN and it is fine now. Thanks.

I have this problem (memory corruption) from time to time with balsa 
(and only with balsa) but until now it was only quasi-random (I never 
find a real cause). This time it was only with the forward function and 
only with it.



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