Re: pcre problem

Hi Ildar:

On 10/05/2007 03:56:32 PM Fri, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Dear Ildar:

Am 05.10.07 12:03 schrieb(en) Ildar Mulyukov:
> I've persistent problem with 2.3.20 compiled with PCRE (libpcre3-7.4-
> alt1) (SIGSEGV)
> details attached.

Strange, apparently it isn't possible to compile the regular expression
properly (which it /does/ for me, using pcre 7.0 on Fedora 7).  Maybe
something changed in between in pcre...  Can you please try the
attached patch which should (a) remove the crash and (b) extend the
"url regex compilation failed" message on stderr to something more
meaningful.  Please post the error message back to the list.  Thanks!

I just tried pcre-7.3.1 from Rawhide with no problem.


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