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Hi Nuno:

On 11/21/2007 12:39:23 PM Wed, Nuno Monteiro wrote:


I'm using the latest svn (rev 7786), and even though I have the "Send
button always queues outgoing mail in outbox" enabled, balsa sends the
mail straight away after I click the send button. Double plus
ungood :-) Is it just me, or does it happen to anyone else?

Yes, I just noticed that it happens to me, too!  Fixed in svn.

The other nit, I have the "Expunge deleted" button on the main window
toolbar, but the tooltip says "Reset mailbox filter" and, in fact when
I click it nothing happens, all the deleted emails stay right where
they are.

Ooops--yes, the label is incorrect, it really is "Reset filter"...fixed in svn.

If I go through menu Mailbox -> Expunge Deleted Messages,
nothing happens again, but if I do it again it suddenly works, deleted
messages disappear. [...] Ok, to make sure this isn't a PEBKAC problem
I just tested something, to give you guys another data point: if the
mailbox is a local mbox, the first time I go through Mailbox ->
Expunge, it works. This problem manifests itself if the mailbox is a
remote imap mailbox running Dovecot 1.0.0 beta 8, I have to click
"mailbox -> expunge" twice to actually expunge. I can't readily test
with other imap servers, to rule out a but in dovecot, sorry.

Wow, coincidence! That seems to be a separate issue. My Cyrus IMAP server expunges deleted messages the first time--perhaps something specific to Dovecot?

Oh, and the 'postpone' button on the compose window toolbar doesn't
have a tooltip.

Thanks for pointing that out--fixed in svn.



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