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On 11/08/2007 09:05:38 PM Thu, Mark A. Flacy wrote:
[ snip ]
While I figured it out almost immediately, it isn't obvious that the
To:/Cc:/Bcc: portion of the Recipients box is a left-click pulldown menu.

also focus-and-enter-or-space...

Since I *did* figure it out almost immediately, I think it's kinda
cool.  The UI allows me to add/edit/look at all the recipients with
ease.  I can't see why the user wouldn't love it.

Yeah, once you get used to it, cruising around with the cursor keys and (enter-or-space) gets it done quite easily. And anyway, that's the GtkTreeView way... :)

OK, so let's go with it...

Thanks for checking it out!


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