Re: Balsa mailboxes

Hi David:

On 12/28/2007 09:45:10 AM Fri, David Elwell wrote:

I have carried my maildir messages from one balsa installation to
another for a few years now, and I just completed a reinstallation,
with the help of members of this group.

For the past few years, one of my maildir mailboxes shows each
submailbox twice, as duplicates, even though the actual directory
structure contains just one folder for each.

I've seen that myself, but only occasionally, and I've never figured out how to reproduce it. Apparently the directory tree is scanned twice in certain circumstances (for me, a mix of mboxes and maildirs in a two-level directory tree in ~/mail, with the most deeply nested mailboxes exposed). Svn has been patched to avoid double scanning, and it fixed the problem for me.

Happy New Year!


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