Re: Balsa exit with code 01 [SVN version]

Le 14.04.2007 17:28:02, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :

On 04/14/2007 08:28:47 AM Sat, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
Hi Peter,
[ snip ]
I've found a couple of spam messages taht trigger the problem again.
I sent the mbox bzip2 on the list but the message is awaiting moderation because it was slightly too big (40k is the limit).
Can I send it to you directly ?

Thanks for the new spam! I managed to get some back-traces, which showed

*** glibc detected *** src/balsa: free(): invalid pointer: 0x0a32b7b8 ***

deep in libfreetype. I just updated to freetype-2.3.4-1.fc7 (from freetype-2.3.3-2.fc7) and the problem has gone away, so the issue seems to have been with freetype.

The attached patch ellipsizes long strings, which leaves the bubble pretty much useless, but at least it's not empty :-(

I get useless bubbles... and still empty ones ;)
I've updated freetype : the version in Debian was 2.2.1

It seems anyway that (it is not only for balsa) the libs version dependancies are becoming tighter....


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