Re: [svn] "Critical" messages

On 04/10/2007 09:14:18 PM, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi all,

starting with my latest svn update, I get *tons* of critical messages when composing a message. Apparently this is related to the auto-completition, as the messages appear when I type the first character in the "To:" entry. Unfortunately, I cannot find the source, as on the ppc gdb seems to be unable to follow the stack properly. The two messages are:

(balsa:16917): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_utf8_casefold: assertion `str != NULL' failed ** (balsa:16917): CRITICAL **: strncmp_word: assertion `s2 != NULL' failed

Any idea what went wrong here?

I have seen such problems very seldom, when answering messages send by some people/specific programs - but I have not seen it recently...

PS. Current svn version may sometimes refuse to send messages because of what I believe is a very funny interaction between siobuf.c being part of libesmtp and identically named code in the IMAP. I think I have a patch for this...

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