Re: New member

On 10/17/2006 05:56:38 PM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> So, my isp is no-frills (I guess) - smtp and pop3.

So's mine, then, I guess--you mean some offer more than that?!

I don't really know - just that I've heard of some other email formats that are strange to me.

> I installed balsa and configed. But, it seems that I've had an issue
> since the first email: I delete emails in any of several folders, and
> they go to the trash, but they don't disappear from that folder. What
> could be wrong with the config?

Are they decorated with the little trash-can icon? ...

If they're not marked as deleted, we have a bigger problem!

None of the emails from that era are (i.e., when my filters were actually working). Iow, no trashcans on the emails in the folders that the filters moved mails to.

Also, I can use 'remove duplicates' and the extras disappear.

> It seems that every time I "get new mail", another copy of old emails
> shows up. BUT, I *know* that they're being deleted (of course that
> option is checked) - I log in with the web interface and my inbox is
> empty.

OK, that's weird!  If the ISP shows your inbox as empty, where can Balsa
be downloading them from?

I don't have a clue. Unless it has something to do with my mailbox being set up for the web gui. I believe that I had to config something on the server (with the web gui). Before I began using balsa, I called my isp and explained the situation. I asked if I needed to change anything - the answer was 'no'.

Messages are filtered when they're first seen in a folder ("recent")--is
it possible that they're marked as no longer recent by some other agent?

As in another email proggie of some sort - not a chance (nothing else is running).

Could you check what version was installed?

Ah, yes - balsa 2.3.12

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