Re: New member

Hi Michael!

On 10/17/2006 04:29:08 PM Tue, Michael Klinosky wrote:
I just joined, figuring that I'd get involved eventually.


Well, I'm already having problems.

Sorry to hear that :(

I installed Fedora Core 5. I've used my ISP's web interface for a couple years (on my Windows box), and recently got another computer for linux. Btw, yes, I've been using linux for only a few months.

So, my isp is no-frills (I guess) - smtp and pop3.

So's mine, then, I guess--you mean some offer more than that?!

I installed balsa and configed. But, it seems that I've had an issue since the first email: I delete emails in any of several folders, and they go to the trash, but they don't disappear from that folder. What could be wrong with the config?

Are they decorated with the little trash-can icon? If so, they're marked as "deleted", but not physically removed ("expunged"). You can expunge them manually (Mailbox => Expunge...), or use pref options to have them expunged when you close the mailbox or after a set period of inactivity. You can also hide them until they're expunged, with either a pref option or the Mailbox => Hide messages menu.

If they're not marked as deleted, we have a bigger problem!

It seems that every time I "get new mail", another copy of old emails shows up. BUT, I *know* that they're being deleted (of course that option is checked) - I log in with the web interface and my inbox is empty.

OK, that's weird! If the ISP shows your inbox as empty, where can Balsa be downloading them from?

Things were going OK for a couple days, but then other issues popped up. Now, new emails aren't being filtered (they were upto then) and they have 'deleted' status. I don't know exactly what's going on here (didn't touch my filters). Perhaps I'll figure it out on my own.

Messages are filtered when they're first seen in a folder ("recent")--is it possible that they're marked as no longer recent by some other agent?

Are we all expected to be registered on bugzilla? If not, please mention any bugs that I should know about.

Nah, shouldn't be necessary--I don't recall any recent bugfixes that relate to any of these issues. Could you check what version was installed?


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