Re: Feature: is it possible to remove an attachement?

Am 30.01.06 18:44 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
Am 30.01.06 18:03 schrieb(en) Mişu Moldovan:
Hideous as it may seem, this could be a very useful feature. Getting rid of unneeded attachments while preserving the original text part and keeping the original flow of the discussion thread (if any) could save significant space in some cases.

Hmmm, afaik threading works for replies only, but they don't contain the original attachments? Can you be more specific about the workflow you're thinking of?

Yes, that's right. I guess the attachment could be replaced with a place-holder that indicates that an attachment was removed--that would be a reminder for the user, and an alert for anyone the message is forwarded to.

The only case where such a feature seems to make sense is when messages shall be forwarded as attachments. In this case, though, if the original message was signed, removing (or changing) any attachment will break the signature. I don't say it might still be a useful feature, but using it carelessly will cause confusion due to broken sigs...

Furthermore, if a detached signature part shall be removed (e.g. to prevent the confusion as pointed out above), we must take care to make the signed body (possibly minus a removed attachment) the new top-level content type as multipart/signed /must/ have a signature part - otherwise some mua's might refuse to handle the "broken" message at all.

BTW, there is an other way to forward a message /without/ all attachments: simply use "forward inline", and manually save/add all attachments you want.

Cheers, Albrecht.

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