Re: Some hints for usability improvements

On 01/19/2006 04:23:03 PM Thu, Mişu Moldovan wrote:
[ snip ]
5) As someone that usually reads only the new mails on several folders and subfolders in an IMAP hierarchy I frequently navigate from one new message to another using the Ctrl-N shortcut. When there are no new messages in the current folder I have to manually switch to a folder with some new mails to continue reading them. Sylpheed does what I mean and asks me if it should change automatically to the next new mail in the next subfolder in my IMAP hierarchy. True also for other MUA's.

Marcin Deranek opened a bug <> on this topic. A patch there implements the general idea, though without any popup to confirm changing mailboxes--I tried it *with* one for about half a minute, and found it too annoying!



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