Re: Printing

Am 2006.12.04 22:41 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
On 12/04/2006 10:30:42 PM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> Balsa currently uses the Gnome printing libraries to print a message;
> these are "heading towards planned deprecation"[1], so we should head
> towards a plan to move to GtkPrint.  We should plan for that move
> anyway, as it gives much better control of printing.
> print html message parts, Balsa must be built with gtkhtml3,
> which uses the Gnome libraries.  So unless/until gtkhtml3 is ported to
> GtkPrint, we have the options:
> 1.  Stick with Gnome printing and keep the ability to print html
> parts;
> 2.  Move to GtkPrint and lose the ability to print html parts;
> 3.  I don't see a third option.

I would vote for 2 - I am not a big fan of HTML mail anyway, and
gtkhtml3 will most likely be ported to GtkPrint model one day.

PS. I think we have accumulated a number of patches since last release
and current CVS seems quite stable to me. Does anybody see problems
with CVS that should delay a next release?

Yes :)
I noticed that for some weeks mails in my Mailfolders (mbox format) are not sorted correctly. Arriving messages are sorted at the beginning or end but seldomly in the thread they belong to. If I disable and reenable threading (or switch the algorithm) the sorting is corrected. It seems to only happen when the box was open while new mail arrived (delivered via procmail) but even after closing and reopening they are sometimes still not sorted correctly.

And just today I found that I cannot drag'n drop a mail to an imap-folder. It was possible via context-menu. Just tested it again and mmhhhh okay, now it's possible again??? I will look on this again.

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