Re: Count of new messages

Am 04.12.06 18:10 schrieb(en) Andreas Schmidt:
I have the feeling, that balsa doesn't give a correct count of newly
arrived messages in the pop-up. Sometimes, new mail arrives in more
than one mailbox, and the actual total number of new messages is higher
than that reported in the pop-up window. However, I can't find a
regular pattern for when this happens.

I hope it doesn't sound like too much rubbish. ;-)

Not at all - I also realised that flaw. I already started hacking around a little bit, but got stuck, mainly due to "real life" (read: earning a fistful of €...) work.

I also have a few other ideas, like using libnotify instead of the dialogue for a less intrusive notification, and changing the icon if balsa is not focused (as Thunderbird on OS X does)...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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