ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.3.6 released


Balsa team proudly announces balsa-2.3.6 release available at

You can get balsa-2.3.6 directly from (built on FC3) (build on SuSE 9.3)

The src.rpm file includes gmime and is ready for immediate building.
Building from tarball requires earlier installation of gmime library.
Gmime library is available from or directly at
Observe that upgrade to gmime-2.1.9 or newer is required to properly use GPG-related features.

Major highlights of this balsa release wrt 2.3.5 are:
- improved support for splitting messages.
- fix handling of SSL certificates with extensions.
- fix bugs 318171, 317240.

SHA1 checksums:
68b1c930435247595b25cfc59bde9bcb3b83147f  balsa-2.3.6-1_FC3.i386.rpm
c3e9963f2d42fbe3a756b8926762decaa95ac6cb  balsa-2.3.6-1_FC3.src.rpm
ad44f3905acd97a45d6e2a86a14cd8e1ddfec890  balsa-2.3.6-1.i586.rpm
8949448ad6dc97699d5e2dba8d3e7c3df81ab8a3  balsa-2.3.6.tar.bz2

Have fun!


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