HTML crashes Balsa

The attached email contains HTML that causes Balsa 2.3.4 to crash. Probably not Balsa per se, but shouldn't Balsa be able to recover?
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Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2005 22:26:32 -0700
From: Albert Straus <strausmilk strausmilk com>
Subject: [P] Straus Family Creamery Newsletter
To: geoff direcway com
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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

<title>Untitled Document</title>
<style type=3D"text/css">=20

 body {=20
 background: #ffffff;=20
 color: #000000;=20
 margin: 10px 10px 0 10px;=20
 padding-left: 0px;=20
 font-family: normal 10px/14px verdana,trebuchet,sans-serif;=20
 text-align: left;=20

 #frame {=20
 background: #ffffff;=20
 width: 98%;=20
 border: 0px solid #000000;=20

 #header {=20
 background: #D5EDB3;=20
 color: #000000;=20
 text-align: left;=20
 padding-left: 0px;=20
 width: 100%;=20

 #leftcol {=20
 width: 20%;=20
 text-align: left;=20
 padding: 5px 5px 0 20px;=20
 vertical-align: top;=20

 #content {=20
 width: 60%;=20
 text-align: left;=20
 vertical-align: top;=20
 margin-left: 20px;=20
 padding: 5px 0 20px 20px;=20

 #footer {=20
 background: #999966;
 text-align: center;
 color: #ffffff;=20
 padding: 3px 0;=20

 a, a:visited {=20
 background: transparent;=20
 color: #aa0000;=20
 font: bold 12px/14px verdana, trebuchet, sans-serif;=20
 text-decoration: none;=20
 a:hover {=20
 text-decoration: underline;=20

 p, td, th, ul, ol, ul, li, dl, dt, dd {=20
 font: normal normal normal 10pt/15pt verdana, trebuchet, sans-serif;=20

 #header p, #leftcol p, #content p, #footer p {=20
 font-family: 10px/14px verdana, trebuchet, sans-serif;=20
 text-align: left;=20

 #header H1, #leftcol H1, #content H1, #footer H1 {=20
 font-family: bold 14px/16px verdana,trebuchet,sans-serif;=20
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 color: #669966;=20
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.style1 {color: #993300}


<TABLE id=3D"frame" cellSpacing=3D"0" cellPadding=3D"0" width=3D"570" borde=
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src=3D""; width=3D"382" border=
                <TD noWrap>
                  <DIV class=3D"style1" align=3D"center">TASTE THE DIFFEREN=
CE <BR>A=20
                  FAMILY FARM CAN=20
      <TABLE cellSpacing=3D"0" cellPadding=3D"0" border=3D"0">
          <TD id=3D"content" vAlign=3D"top" align=3D"left">
            <H1>Straus Family Creamery Newsletter </H1>
            <P>Hi, this is the October 2005 Newsletter from Straus Family=
            Creamery (the organic dairy and creamery in=20
              <LI><A href=3D"#one">This Month at the Farm</A>=20

              <LI><A href=3D"#two">This Month at the=20
              <LI><A href=3D"#three">Vegetable Oil Power at=20
              <LI><A href=3D"#four">Job Opening at=20
              <LI><A href=3D"#five">New Places to Find=20
              Straus Products</A> </LI></UL>
            <P><STRONG><A name=3D"one"></A>This Month at the Farm</STRONG><=
            <P><STRONG>Spreading Time!</STRONG><BR><IMG height=3D"206" alt=
=3D"spreader" hspace=3D"3" src=3D"
ader_1.jpg" width=3D"140" align=3D"left" border=3D"0">One of the questions =
we ask people who=20
            come on tours when we stand by the manure pond is, "What do you=
            smell?" The answer is always "nothing". We hold that if you can=
            smell the manure, it is being treated properly. The way we trea=
t our=20
            manure is with an anaerobic digester (the digester that powers =
            methane burning generator) and the aerobic digester that follow=
s (a=20
            pond aerated by a propeller). This bacterial treatment metaboli=
            almost all of the ammonia and vaporous compounds contained in t=
            manure. Therefore, our manure doesn't stink! This way, when we=
            spread our composted manure on the fields in the fall to fertil=
            them, our neighbors never complain! So, we've been spreading ou=
            manure, our soil bacteria is getting its yearly feast, and nobo=
            pinching their nose as they drive by the fields (which isn't al=
            the case in these parts). </P>
            <P>We're hoping for more moderate rains this winter, as feed qu=
            was down this year due to the late rains that ran into June. Wi=
            the wet fields, we had to wait to harvest the silage. When hay =
            silage aren't harvested at the optimum time, the nutrition prof=
            declines and thus affects the amount of milk the cows will give=
. The=20
            rains not only affected our own harvests, but sent the price of=
            organic feeds up everywhere. These price increases, unfortunate=
            were partially absorbed by the farm and partially added to the =
            of organic dairy products. That's part of the reason you are se=
            higher prices for organic dairy products in your store.</P>
            <P><STRONG><A name=3D"three"></A>Out with the Diesel and in wit=
h Veggie=20
            Oil!</STRONG><BR>Not only are we powering our dairy with the=20
            electricity generated from our methane digester, we are now run=
            our feed truck on vegetable oil. We've also converted our back-=
            generator (something everything farm requires) to vegetable oil=
. We=20
            figure it's one step at a time. </P>
            <P>Farmers traditionally have their own gas tanks located on th=
            property. That's why you never see a tractor at a gas station! =
            now, we have been able to convert one of our gas tanks to veget=
            oil and our diesel powered feed truck has been retrofitted to a=
            it. This is just the beginning. We hope to convert all of our f=
            vehicles to be able to use vegetable oil. Vegetable oil replace=
            diesel gallon for gallon and with our usage. We hope and expect=
            replace our current usage of 500 gallons of diesel per month.</=
            <P>Vegetable oil is biodegradable, nontoxic and essentially fre=
e of=20
            sulfur and aromatics. It is a renewable resource, based on soyb=
            and other oil crops that are grown anew each year. In our case,=
            are using Coconut Oil. But that could change in the future. </P>
            <P>Using vegetable requires no engine modifications, only a few=
            hoses. Performance is the same in terms of torque, horsepower a=
            miles per gallon. Vegetable oil also cuts down on emissions.=20
            Particulate matter, carcinogenic compounds, carbon monoxide and=
            total hydrocarbons are all reduced.</P>
            <P>It's all a good thing!</P>
            <P><STRONG><IMG height=3D"146" alt=3D"cows" hspace=3D"2" src=3D=
""; width=3D"220" align=3D"r=
ight" border=3D"0"><A name=3D"two"></A>This Month at the=20
            Creamery</STRONG><BR>There are a few changes at the creamery,=
            including the fact that we have discontinued our Chocolate Nonf=
            Milk. Unfortunately, we couldn't get enough stores to stock it =
            not enough of you to drink it. We weren't making enough to just=
            the costs of making it. But that doesn't mean we may not reform=
            and reintroduce it some day in the future. We never say never!<=
            <P><STRONG><A name=3D"four"></A>We'll Miss You Viv!</STRONG><BR=
            Straus, sister of Albert Straus, who has been writing the Strau=
            Family Creamery newsletters and has been Vice President of=20
            Marketing, has left the creamery to pursue her long forlorn wri=
            and acting career. She's going to be writing a theatrical comed=
            about farm life! However, while Vivien leaving may be exciting =
            Vivien, it leaves a hole at the creamery. If you or anyone you =
            is looking for a job, has an MBA and/or a Marketing Degree, and=
            experience in the Natural Foods industry, we are looking at res=
            You can work out of your home, but you must be a San Francisco =
            Area resident. Email your resume with a cover letter to <A href=
=3D"mailto:family strausmilk com">family strausmilk com</A>.=20
            Attach your resume inside the email (so we don't think it's=20
            <P>And if you're interested in getting on the mailing list for=
            Vivien's show (which won't happen for at least a year), go to <=
A href=3D"";></A> and signup for=20
            Farm Girl Productions =97Vivien Straus=97on the mailing list or=
 email us=20
            and it will be passed on.</P>
            <P><STRONG><A name=3D"five"></A>New Places to Find Straus=20
            Products</STRONG><BR>Our yogurt is now available at all Wild Oa=
ts in=20
            Southern California and the Southwest. Yogurt, Ice Cream and Bu=
            is at Whole Foods in the Southwest now as well. Check for yogur=
            and butter at selected Southern California Ralph's markets and =
            of our ice creams at Raley's markets in Northern=20
      <TABLE cellSpacing=3D"0" cellPadding=3D"0" width=3D"100%" border=3D"0=
          <TD id=3D"footer" vAlign=3D"center" align=3D"middle" bgColor=3D"#=
            Family Creamery<BR><A href=3D"";></A><BR>To=20
            unsubscribe from this newsletter, please <A href=3D"http://www.=">click=20

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