balsa and maildir usage with procmail


I have the following little problem: I use balsa with a maildir local
repository. When getting mail from a pop account, I use the "procmail option" in balsa to feed procmail which will put the new mails in the right maildir folder (for example INBOX/new). What is strange is that the mail does not appears directly: I supposed that balsa cannot see that a new mail arrived. So I re-hit the "get mail" button to force balsa to check locally all the "/new" directories but balsa seems to check only the pop account and not the local folder. The only way is to wait (some time after, sometimes the mails appears) or I have to shutdown balsa and relaunch it and the new mails are detected.

Is there any way to have my mail appearing in balsa when procmail drop them in the "new/" directories ?

Thanks a lot for any help,

JF Lalande.

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