Re: New mails in mailboxlist

În data de Mi 25 mai 05 la 17:31, Peter Bloomfield a scris:
On 05/25/2005 03:29:01 AM, Misu Moldovan wrote:
[ snip ]
Actually the solution seems to be "good enough". When unchecking "Check INBOX only" with "Check IMAP mailboxes" checked I can easily distinguish between cached statistics and real statistics because the "not opened" subfolders have no value in the "T" field (total number of mails in that subfolder). However, there are now some moments in which Balsa's interface "freezes" for some seconds. I think it happens when it checks all the subscribed subfolders (I have ~30 of them).

Yes--you may see some messages in the status bar, if you've enabled them. That "freeze" is the reason for the "Check INBOX only" option!


About the "freeze"... I can see in the status bar when Balsa checks the 30+ folders on the local IMAP server, but the interface is still snappy during the check. What seems to cause the freeze is the extra checks that Balsa does now on two other IMAP accounts that I have and which are outside our internal network.

So, I'm wondering if it would be possible to do this extra checks only on selected IMAP accouns. Maybe migrating this setting to the properties of the IMAP accounts? The "Advanced" tab seems a perfect fit for such a setting. (Frankly, I've been using Balsa for five years now, but I didn't know this tweak).


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