Re: saving multiple parts

Am 28.03.05 01:05 schrieb(en) Kacper Wysocki:
I agree, that's useful as well, though you could arguably use some file manager to rename the files afterwards.

Maybe we should rename the context menu entries to make things look a little more familiar:

"save selected" -> "Save selected as..."
"dump selected to folder" -> "Save selected to folder..."

This is *exactly* what I wanted.

Great you like it :-)

Wicked, even without bells or whistles. So tell the truth, did you have this lying around, or did you hack this one up early Easter Sunday?

No, this was really < 1 hour, late Easter Sunday (CEST), after the rest of the family went to bed. But, to my defense, I wrote large parts of the message parts tree code, so I remembered where to look...

My opininon? The patch works great, and should make it into cvs.

Attached is a slightly modified patch which changes the popup labels as indicated above, remembers the folder and plugs a mem leak. Maybe someone can look over the visible messages to avoid complaints as in bugzilla #171415 - I'm no native speaker, so my english is actually *much* worse than my german... ;-)

Happy Easter everybody,

Also Happy Easter to you (a little late, though...),

Cheers, Albrecht.

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