Re: Translations singular/plural

On 07/10/2005 01:02:54 PM, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:

There are some templates which are similar in singular an plural form in English but diffetrent in other languages.

So the translation is not very good for them.

In the Mailbox et Message menus, you have:

Hide messages ->  Deleted, Replied, ...
but everything is plural as messages is.

Toggl Flag -> Deleted, ...
It is the same tempaltes as before, but in this case they apply to the selected message.. which is not plurHide messages -> Deleted, Replied,

Is there a way to have two different templates?

In some cases, ngettext() can be used to provide separate translations for singular and plural forms. But it can't be used for these strings, as they are initializations. The only way that I see is to include the noun in the string:

Hide messages ->  Deleted messages, Replied messages, ...
Toggle Flag -> Deleted flag, ...

(though the latter is dubious: the flag isn't deleted, it flags a deleted message !-).



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