Re: "pipe through" broken?

On 07/07/2005 09:29:31 PM, Johan Brannlund wrote:
Hi. I'm having trouble getting the "pipe through" menu option to work. It seems like the e-mail isn't actually piped to the program. As a test, I selected "cat >/tmp/mail" as the program to run. This gets me an empty /tmp/mail file, but that's all. I tried selecting more than one message, but that gave me the same result.

If I run balsa from a terminal, it prints an error message when I run the pipe:

** (balsa:5756): CRITICAL **: lbmss_stream_read: assertion
`lbmss_thread_has_lock(stream)' failed

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this behaviour?

Umm...yes (blushing): unlocked access to a stream; fixed in cvs--thanks for the report!


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