Re: Problems with public folders

Pawel Salek wrote:
On 12/16/2004 04:41:40 PM, Misu Moldovan wrote:


I don't know how Mozilla/Thunderbird mark them as read, although the
folders are read-only. But currently I'm keeping both Balsa and

Are these flags persistent or get reset next time you start Mozilla? The fact is, Mozilla uses quite extentisive client side mapping and I can imagine they could manage client-side flag maps. Balsa can mark messages as read for a session - implementing more extensive client-side caching might be worth it but it would require much more effort, too.

The flags are persistent, they don't reset after closing Thunderbird. More so, when Thunderbird marks a message as read in a read-only public folder Balsa will see it as read sooner or later (although it sometimes requires reopening that public folder).

Thunderbird opened all the time and I use Balsa for regular mails and
Thunderbird for reading mail in public folders. And somehow the
messages that show up as read in Thunderbird show up as read in Balsa

That's really interesting! Even if the folders are read-only?

Indeed. The folders are read-only. I have no idea where the read flag is stored for a read-only public folder, but I tend to believe is somewhere on the server-side, as Thunderbird marks messages as read on a public folder and Balsa and Evo see that messages are marked as read, although as said earlier, in Balsa sometimes I need to close and reopen the public folder.

However, I cannot currently figure out how to configure Balsa to
behave properly in regards to public folders.

Currently, you cannot: the code has to be amended. One has to discuss desired behavior to decide what is the expected balsa behavior.

I've been working intensively with public folders for the last year or so, I would gladly present the perspective of users in regards to public folders on IMAP servers as this is a hot subject among my colleagues and we use a variety of email clients (from most used to least used: Thunderbird, Evolution, Mozilla, Outlook, Balsa).


Sorry for the delay, I got your reply just yesterday (probably the server which manages my free email address is to blame).

Mişu (from Thunderbird this time, because Balsa has some issues with rewrapping a reply to a reply).

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