Re: Error sending message

On 01/06/2005 02:40:18 AM, Keith Bates wrote:

I've just changed over to Balsa 2.2.6 from sylpheed. I've kept all my
settings the same but when I try to send a mesage I get this error:

Send failed: Message could not be created

As far as I can see the SMTP settings are correct and the various
outbox, etc. files are correct.

Can someone please point me to a solution?

I think this error can occur if either your outbox is not writeable or there is not enough disk space (if I recall correctly). Open properties of your outbox and check the path. Check whether you can open outbox - and its content: are there any messages in there? I think it could happen too if there were some encryption problems but I believe this is not your case, is it?


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