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Am 2005.12.21 19:44 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
On 12/21/2005 01:32:30 PM Wed, hannes wrote:
b) which of the four formats (vcard, ldif, ldap, gpe) is most commonly used today?

I'm not sure about that--anyone?

What I learnt while implenting a central contacts-server for a local firm is that there is no real standard. VCard ist widely used for sharing. The problem with Balsas (and GnomeCards) implentation is that we use a single file while everyone else seems to use one file per contact. Besides this there are 2 slightly incompatible versions (Evolution uses the newer one (I think 3.0), my Siemens phone the older one...) LDap is a server, no local file. Ldif is the ldap-exchange format. imho it is only used to copy cards from one ldap server to the other.

I don't really know gpe, but I think it is a new format based on a local sqlite db.

Nearly every important program has an import filter for vcards. And nearly every real proggi can use LDAP. As long as you don't want to set up a server VCard is the way to go. The problem with the single huge file can be fought with a small shellscript.

c) which is best to import into other applications, should I change my mail client in the future?

Why would you want to change again? ;)


PS: nice mail addi ;)

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