AW: Gnome Card

first of all: thanks peter for your speedy yet patient replies. I will
learn how to compile balsa to get a newer version than my 2.3.3.

but to decide what to do right now -and in general- a few questions arise:
a) which format does the editor in balsa 2.3.4 use?
b) which of the four formats (vcard, ldif, ldap, gpe) is most commonly used today? c) which is best to import into other applications, should I change my mail client in the future?

I am still in the process of switching over from pegasus, and it is more trouble than I would like. So I would like to avoid storing info in uncommon formats again, if this is possible


Is it possible to startGnomeCard from Balsa with the -f option?

balsa knows the filename of my adressbook, so it should be possible to pass it along. How do I do it?

As of version 2.3.4, Balsa no longer uses gnomecard, but instead its own lightweight editor. As I recall, gnomecard's "--address-book=" option was not used by Balsa.


hannes kühtreiber
datenmull gmx at

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