Re: Default Fcc

On 2005.08.19 20:48, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
If you have "Preferences: Mail Options: Outgoing: Copy outgoing messages to sentbox" checked, the Fcc widget should always default to the last mailbox you used for Fcc's.

On 08/19/2005 04:03:58 PM, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
for some reason it doesn't seem to work here. I already had that option checked, but regardless whether I compose, forward, or reply to a message -- I still have to drop down the Fcc-menu and select the one item that is already in there (Sentbox).

Hi Andreas,

It works as Peter described on my machine using CVS from August 4th (Changelog 1.2146). I don't see anything relevent in the changelog between release 2.3.4 and now. Given the problems you've noted in recent posts with various settings, perhaps you might want to remove all of Balsa's configuration files (making backups) and reinstall. You would want to look for any balsa related files under .gnome, .gnome2, and .gnome*_private.

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