Debian GNU/Linux status update and GtkHTML versions

Hi everyone,

Well after giving Balsa 2.2.4 a spin, I'm quite confident of letting a
2.2 release propagate down into Debian Testing ("Sarge") and hopefully
be mature enough to be released when "Sarge" goes stable.

The only thing holding Balsa 2.2.4 back from testing is gtkhtml3.1 which
has to wait another four days for the corresponding gail dependency to
also propagate into testing.

In case our release manager, Steve "vorlon" Langasek calls a hard freeze
before then, we'll have to hold our breaths as to whether 2.0.18 can
replace 2.0.17 during that time. It still hasn't been rebuilt for alpha,
arm, m68k, mips and mipsel yet due to what I suspect are overloaded
build daemons.

So fingers crossed either way.

The popularity figures for Balsa are also quite interesting. Out of all
users who have the popularity-contest package installed, 6.65% (435
users) have Balsa installed which is not bad considering 27.27% of the
sample population have the gnome-core package installed! That's nearly a
quarter of all Debian GNOME users!

OK, now down to the serious bits. In case Balsa 2.2.5 comes out and I
have to make a rushed upload into Debian, should I be building against
gtkhtml3.1 or gtkhtml3.2? I'm asking because while I was still
maintaining the 2.0 packages, Balsa would compile without errors against
gtkhtml3.1, but would refuse to display any HTML at all without
degrading the dependency to gtkhtml3.0. Does Balsa 2.2.x currently have
any potential problems with gtkhtml3.2 that I should know about?

If anyone has some free time, could someone please trawl through:
and tell me if there's any bugs left that were reported against 2.0 that
have now been resolved in 2.2? Especially, #248827 since the submitter
went through some effort to write up a patch to improve Balsa's charset
detection. But since I'm an uncultured Anglophone = P, I don't think I'm a
great position to vet this patch myself and make sure it doesn't break
any fixes that may have already been merged into 2.2.

One more thing, Balsa 2.2.4 keeps complaining about my archived
	"The path "/home/netsnipe/mail/2004-07.tar.bz2" does not lead to
	a mailbox."
I don't remember this behaviour being present in balsa-2.0.x, since I
think it just ignored them.

Keep up the great work everyone.

Andrew "Netsnipe" Lau

PS: Is anyone going to update the contributors list in Balsa anytime
soon? Someone like Albrecht Dreß should have been added to the list a
long time ago. By the way, is anyone willing to give me CVS write access
to Balsa? It'd be great if I could upload patches I receive via Debian
much more quickly.

	Andrew "Netsnipe" Lau	<>
 Debian GNU/Linux Maintainer & UNSW Computing Students' Society President
		  "Nobody expects the Debian Inquisition!
     Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and ruthless efficiency!"

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