Re: which GIME version pre-req for Balsa 2.2.5?

On 11/17/2004 12:08:43 PM, Andrew Lau wrote:

The GMIME site <> makes no mention
of any specific version numbers -- so as to where you got "2.1.6", I
have no idea.

Ok, I'll tell you.  At

the first two lines you will see are:

LATEST_DEVEL_IS_2.1.6   06-Jun-2004 15:51     0k
LATEST_STABLE_IS_2.0.14 06-Mar-2004 19:43     0k

(Version 2.0.14 stable was my installed GMIME pkg at the time).

So, in my haste I was misled by this (2.1.6) into not looking further into the v2.1 dir where I would have actually seen that the latest version is in fact 2.1.9.

This was further confused when I saw that Balsa 2.2.5 bundles it's own GMIME (2.1.9). (ie why bundle (only) GMIME if 2.1.9 is available on the GMIME website?) Not sure, perhaps there is a valid reason.

Anyway, you could have found gmime-2.1.9.tar.gz at:

Yes, I see that now; my oversight.  Thanks.


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