Aw: Re: [BUG+PATCH] address entry, vcard utf8 fixes

> Ouch!  I didn't know you were working on that...I just committed  

Don't worry - this was a five-minute-hack (really!!) to fix that annoying problem which has been present since balsa moved to gtk+-2, and yesterday it went over the threshold...

> to cvs a rewrite of the address-entry widget, using  
> GtkEntryCompletion, which avoids all that low-level keystroke  
> stuff.  The code your patch affects is still there, but it will  
> now be compiled by default only in pre-gtk-2.4 trees.

Great! I guess this will be a *real* improvement, in particular if we can now do regexp matches (can we?) and select from a list!

Cheers, Albrecht.

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