Re: filtering imap?

On 05/24/04 08:42:32, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 05/24/04 06:09:21, Pawel Salek wrote:
The "right" of doing this is to do it on the server on delivery. I run UW-IMAP+procmail on one of imap servers and use cyrus+sieve on another one.

My imap server's management is kind enough to run SpamAssassin and insert the X-Spam-* headers, which Balsa can then use for filtering-- perhaps you could prevail on yours to do at least that!

Yea, I gotten SpamAssasin running on the imap account, but I find it ... lacking. It misses a lot of spam, which I still have to manually move - this is why I wanted to use the spamprobe installation I have locally. Bayesian filtering *rocks*, and with a humongous spam database I filter nearly 95% of my POP spam... but I still have to download it.

You and Pawel are both obviously right, though: having a local filter access every server-side mail body to apply filtering is _ugly_, and should probably not be done. Oh well...


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