Re: cvs HEAD rejects From xxx

On 05/10/2004 07:28:45 PM, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
Hi Peter.

I wouldn't offer myself as an expert on these matters, but isn't From <space> valid as a first line? Or only as a sperator in mbox-style files. In any case, here's an example. It works fine with 2.0.16

--- begin quoted file
>From balsa-list-admin gnome org Sun Jan 18 10: 15:26 2004
[ snip ]

I'm not sure there is a definitive statement of what's valid in MH and Maildir message files, but Balsa tries to interoperate with other MUAs as far as possible. Balsa 2.1 wouldn't put a line like that in such a file.

Re Maildir, states:

The message is delivered without an extra UUCP-style From_ line, without any >From quoting, and without an extra blank line at the end.

I can't find any corresponding statement about MH.

We'll look into a patch.


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