Re: cvs HEAD rejects From xxx

On 05/10/2004 06:58:09 PM, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
HEAD current as of the writing, but the condition reported by
Albrecht -- broken CVS mirrors -- may be relevant.

For some time (weeks) the HEAD version of Balsa has been useless because it shows many older files with a Subject as "(No subject)". I've narrowed this down to lb_message_set_headers_from_string(), and the code:
for(val = lines; *val && *val >32 && *val<126 && *val !=
':'; val++)
which has the effect of suppressing the headers from mail files that begin:
From ....
as *val>32 fails

Is this intentional? And while we're on the subject, why is the code using the decimal values instead of isprint()? And why is " being rejected?

Hi Geoffrey:

Yes, it's intentional. It's a quick way of identifying a valid header line, which begins with an ascii header type followed by ": ". From_ lines are used as message separators in mbox-style mailboxes, but aren't part of the (rfc-2822) message.

If the messages that are shown with "(No subject)" are in mh- or maildir-style mailboxes, could you post an innocuous example? And if they're in mbox-style mailboxes, could you post (or send me) an innocuous mailbox file with an example? Either would help greatly with debugging.



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