Re: Scrolling bug - workaround and enhancement?


In long mail items, holding the mouse pointer on the down arrow causes a bug where a block of immovable text appears in the middle of the text window. Pawel had a look at for me but he thinks it is a GtkTreeView problem.

I have thought of a workaround (for me at least) - which made me think of a possible enhancement for balsa.

The problem I have is with one particular (Olympus photography) list which is always quite long - the little contents table at the top does not help me much trying find the items I want to read so I:

- read all my other mail and leave this list mail item as the sole item left in my inbox

- open my inbox with vim for which I have a mapping:

map <F12> :se nowrapscan<CR>ma/^Subject: <CR>kzf'ajj<F12>

- Using F12 in vim then "folds" the text in between subject lines so that I only see "Subject: " and a single marker line fold in between each subject line. Now I can just "unfold" only the items I want to read.

This seems to work pretty well and I was wondering how hard it would be to build something like this into balsa? (assuming others would find it useful).


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