Re: BBalsa crashes after sending mail.

Unfortunately, when the messages begin sending the sending mail dialog appears, 
and then everything freezes. The mouse and the keyboard is totally locked.
I have to press alt+control+f1 several times just to get it to
switch to a new virtual terminal so I can kill the process.
When the crash happens bug-buddy fails to start, and I am unable to get a stack 
My guess is for whatever reason balsa hangs, and it does not know it crashed.
At this time I don't have gnome 2.6, but plan to upgrade soon,
and can attempt to try 2.0.17.

On Sun, 2 May 2004, Carlos Morgado wrote:

> On Sat, 01 May 2004 06:28:52, Tom and Esther wrote:
> > Hello, list.
> > I am a a new user of balsa, and I have version 2.0.14 which shipped with my  
> > Mandrake 9.2 disks. a  Everything seams to be setup correctly, but when I  
> > send emails the messages go out find and then balsa with crash. The only  
> > thing I can do is switch terminals and kill the process.
> Looking at bugzilla I can't find a similar report and unless your Sentbox is  
> in IMAP i can't think of a good reason for the crash. Anyway, an upgrade to  
> 2.0.17 wouldn't hurt.
> > I don't know if this will effect balsa or not, but I am also running  
> > gnopernicus 0.7.1 screen reader. Speech output will die when balsa crashes,  
> > but as soon as I kill balsa gnopernicus begins speaking again making me  
> > believe this balsa not gnopernicus causing the crash.
> gnopernicus shouldn't affect balsa, but I'm not really sure what it does.
> I tried to install and activate it but I lack ViaVoice so I didn't get text  
> reading. Anyway, gnopernicus did activate atk and all the accessibility stuff  
> and nothing strange happened with balsa.
> While the crash might be caused by a subtle interaction between gnopernicus  
> and balsa I fairly doubt it, and as you suspect the voice hang is most likely  
> caused by balsa stoping to respond.
> Doesn't the crash cause bug-buddy to run ? a report with a stack trace would  
> be most helpfull
> cheers

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