BBalsa crashes after sending mail.

Hello, list.
I am a a new user of balsa, and I have version 2.0.14 which shipped  
with my Mandrake 9.2 disks. a  Everything seams to be setup correctly,  
but when I send emails the messages go out find and then balsa with  
crash. The only thing I can do is switch terminals and kill the  
I don't know if this will effect balsa or not, but I am also running  
gnopernicus 0.7.1 screen reader. Speech output will die when balsa  
crashes, but as soon as I kill balsa gnopernicus begins speaking again  
making me believe this balsa not gnopernicus causing the crash.
 Is this a known problem with balsa 2.0.14, and does anyone have a clue  
why balsa crashes immediately after email is sent?
I really would like to get balsa working correctly as it works really  
well with the Gnome accessibility products, and is the only real mail  
solution for me at this point.

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