Re: Problem with 2.1.2

Am 2004.05.02 06:13 schrieb(en) William W. Austin:
  > I have been running 2.0.17 for some time with no problems.  Yesterday  
  > downloaded the src rpm for
  > 2.1.2 and built the rpm locally - the only real problem that I saw is
  > that all message sizes are
  > reported as 0 (either lines or bytes).  So I also downloaded the i386
  > rpm's (both) and tried them
  > on this system (RH9), and experienced the same problem.  (I have since
  > switched back to 2.1.17 on
  > that machine...)
  > Did anyone else see this problem or was this just an anomaly?

This feature isn't implented (yet) in the new dev-version!


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