Frequent hangs

I recently downloaded the rpms (RedHat 9) for balsa-2.0.16-1, both
source and i386.  I had a problem with the binary version (it could only
open mailboxes in read-only mode), and rebuilt the .src rpm, installing

I FREQUENTLY get hangs immediately after closing a mailbox file, and the
output of the command 

	strace -p [whatever the pid was]

is always the same:

	futex(0x42133220, FUTEX_WAIT, 2, NULL

after the "NULL" is printed, the line never terminates, etc. -- it's
really hung.

Any suggestions on this one would be appreciated (or even a fix) - I've
been looking at this one for a while with no luck so far.


Bill Austin

William W. Austin                
               "Life is just a phase I'm going through..."

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