Re: Reá: Reá: Reá: Stalled when gpg is updating the thrusted database

Am 17.03.04 12:35 schrieb(en) Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh):
> following your advice, I've added the following in my .xsession file:
> # Check the gpg trusted database
> gpg --check-trustdb --batch --yes &
> Then, gpg is saying as being not available for the time the update  
> takes. But no hang, only the (expected) message.
> I have done that 10 days ago and I've no more this problem.

Fine... :-) This is a somewhat brutal solution, but I'm glad to hear that  
it works as a simple workaround. I'm thinking about a different solution  
which runs gpgme asynchronously and pops up a dialog after a short while,  
but currently I'm packed with work... (real life and balsa 2.1/gpgme).

> If there is a gpg error because a key "contains no data", sometimes  
> there is the popup and sometimes nothing happens, balsa seems to be  
> dead. I have not had the patience to wait until it recover from that.

Hmmm, if you find a way to reproduce it, it would be great if you could  
run balsa in gdb, kill it and send me the backtrace... One thing which  
comes to my mind is:

- you try to verify a message for which you don't have the key in your  
- you have automagic key retreival enabled, so gpg (through balsa)  
triggers getting the key;
- this operation stalls for some reason (server down/timeout, whatever),  
and during this time balsa will simply hang waiting for this operation to  

I have auto key retreival switched off (to avoid dialing in again and  
again), and always use the button to (asynchronously) get the key, so I  
never saw it. Running gpgme asynchronously as I said above should also  
catch this case.



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