Reá: Reá: Reá: Stalled when gpg is updating the thrusted database

Le 26.02.2004 20:37, Albrecht Dre▀ a Úcritá:
> Am 26.02.04 13:52 schrieb(en) Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh):

> : Do trust database maintenance without user interaction.  From
> : time  to  time  the  trust  database  must be updated so that
> : expired keys or signatures and the resulting changes  in  the
> : Web-of-Trust  can be tracked.  Normally, GnuPG will calculate
> : when this is required and do it  automatically  unless  --no-
> : auto-check-trustdb is set.  This command can be used to force
> : a trust database check at any time.  The processing is  iden-
> : tical  to  that  of --update-trustdb but it skips keys with a
> : not yet defined "ownertrust".
> :
> : For use with cron jobs, this command  can  be  used  together
> : with  --batch  in which case the trust database check is done
> : only if a check is needed.  To force a run even in batch mode
> : add the option --yes.


following your advice, I've added the following in my .xsession file:

# Check the gpg trusted database
gpg --check-trustdb --batch --yes &

Then, gpg is saying as being not available for the time the update  
takes. But no hang, only the (expected) message.

I have done that 10 days ago and I've no more this problem.

There is only something wrong sometimes but it is difficult to say  
If there is a gpg error because a key "contains no data", sometimes  
there is the popup and sometimes nothing happens, balsa seems to be  
dead. I have not had the patience to wait until it recover from that.

		- Jean-Luc

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