Re: ANNOUNCE: development balsa-2.1.1 released

On 03/02/2004 06:29:33 AM, Pawel Salek wrote:
[ snip ]
> One probably wants to update the index in case \deleted flag
> flip not on eg. NEW - otherwise new messages would disappear as  
> soon as you open them.
> Other option is to hide deleted messages on "D"- move to trash  
> but not on "toggle-deleted". Does it sound like a solution?

To my mind, having *any* deleted messages in the view when Hide  
Deleted has been checked is inconsistent and confusing.

As for the other flags: yes, if Hide Read is checked, we would  
*not* want to hide a message as soon as it's read, and if Hide  
Answered is checked, we would *not* want to hide it as soon as  
it's answered.  Hiding them would be a reasonable interpretation  
of the option, but it sure could confuse the unwary user!

So special-casing Deleted might be necessary, though in general I  
dislike special cases.

One alternative would be to keep the message in the view until  
the user selects a different message, and have it disappear then.   
That would be a little more work to implement, but it would avoid  
special casing: Balsa usually selects another message when the  
current one is deleted, so it would disappear immediately.   
Deleting the last message in a mailbox leaves it current, so it  
wouldn't disappear, but perhaps that's bearable.


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