Re: how do I by-pass the signature check?

Am 25.06.04 11:32 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
> be verified due to a missing key.  I care not whether a signature can
> be verified---I simply wish the freedom to scan and delete messages

Hey, that's **exactly** what signatures are for...

Do you want to completely switch off signature tests or just to be
informed in a less "in-your-face" fashion?  Possibly having only a
"unknown-signature" icon would be sufficient, what do you think?

IMHO, we should not remove the automatic signature check, but just suppress the dialog. We then had to implement a way to manually verify a signature (or decrypt a message) otherwise, which would be a lot more annoying for users who use the crypto features.

One option would be an additional button in the prefs dialog (under Display->Status messages?) to just disable this dialog. Other broken signatures pop up either a standard warning or a standard error dialog, so this is roughly the same place. The drawback is that the prefs dialog is already crowded.

The other way would be looking at the pref setting for warnings, and hide the dialog if it's not set to "show dialog". However, this is not really obvious to the user...


Cheers, Albrecht.

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