Re: UI-discrepancy with toggle

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Andreas Schmidt wrote:

> I just noticed a minor discrepancy in the user interface. In the  
> "Message"-menu in the main view, the second entry for "Toggle" is "New  
> (CTRL-R)", while in the context menu in the thread view, the  
> corresponding entry is "Unread". It would be nice if these entries  
> could be the same.

Good idea. I only wonder: Which name is more apropriate? "New" is probably 
more common but is also slighltly misleading: the message might have 
arrived long time ago, it just was not read.

> Would it be possible to change the behavior of Balsa so that only one  
> pass is necessary? I believe that when all selected messages but the  
> first are marked "New", it can be safely assumed that the user meant to  
> mark all messages as "Read". The case might be different if some  
> messages in between are marked as "Read", so I'd stick to the current  
> behavior of two-pass toggling there. If only the status of the first  
> message is different, though, I guess a one-pass approach would be  
> useful.

Sounds like a correct analysis to me...


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