UI-discrepancy with toggle


I just noticed a minor discrepancy in the user interface. In the "Message"-menu in the main view, the second entry for "Toggle" is "New (CTRL-R)", while in the context menu in the thread view, the corresponding entry is "Unread". It would be nice if these entries could be the same.

Another thing about toggling: if I select a sequence of new messages to toggle their read status, the first one will always be toggled to "read" by the time all messages have been marked. This results in the necessity to toggle all messages twice: in the first pass to toggle all messages to "new" and in the second to "read". Especially if you do the toggling via the context menu, that is quite inconvenient as you have to go through 4 steps for each pass (right-click to open context menu, move down to "Toggle", move over to "Unread", click to activate). I am ashamed I have to admit that I looked up the shortcut CTRL-R only about 5 minutes ago, so I know first hand how inconvenient toggling multiple messages with the mouse can be. :-)
Would it be possible to change the behavior of Balsa so that only one pass is necessary? I believe that when all selected messages but the first are marked "New", it can be safely assumed that the user meant to mark all messages as "Read". The case might be different if some messages in between are marked as "Read", so I'd stick to the current behavior of two-pass toggling there. If only the status of the first message is different, though, I guess a one-pass approach would be useful.

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