[patch] part popups, simplified attachment navigation

Am 11.06.04 00:46 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
In - with a small change: irrelevant options are removed in case of text/plain.

Pawel, thanks for committing the patch... It is a good idea to remove the standard popup. However, I really miss the "select all" item of it (but see below...).

Meanwhile I tried to improve this patch even more, and to address the attachment navigation problem (see http://mail.gnome.org/archives/balsa-list/2004-June/msg00007.html, #1). The patch below, against today's cvs, addresses the following points:

- keep the "select all" item in the text context popup be removing only insensitive items and separators from the standard popup;

- remove the category entry from the vfs popups; it's information is not relevant here;

- the meat of the patch adds an "attachment" button to the upper right corner of the top-level headers, of course only for multipart messages. Clicking it, a popup is shown with a list of all "real" (i.e. not multipart/something or message/something) parts for a quick navigation. Furthermore, I added part numbering, roughly like latex's [[sub]sub] section scheme (stolen^H^H^H^H^H^H inspired by Mozilla ;-)). Michael, do you think this improves the situation for users who don't want to see whe whole (and maybe confusing) story in the 2nd notebook tab?

Any comments?

Cheers, Albrecht.

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