Re: no delete on imap?

On 06/01/2004 12:01:27 PM, Darko Obradovic wrote:
Am 01.06.2004 17:40 schrieb(en) mike flyn org:
I have a similar problem with 2.1, though I may just be missing something. When I try to delete messages from an IMAP folder they are tagged with the little trash can icon. However, I can't figure out how to actually expunge the message. Telling balsa to empty the trash has no affect on my IMAP folders.

`Mailbox => Commit current' will take care of it.
`Mailbox => Empty Trash' deletes all messages in your designated trashbox, but doesn't affect messages marked as trashed in any other mailbox.

This is another issue. In your case, messages are just marked to be deleted. It will be commited when you either close the mailbox or commit the changes. There are some options for that under Balsa setting.

Balsa has historically used the vague term `commit' to refer to a combination of 2 distinct actions:
- sync: flush flag changes out to the mailstore;
- expunge: remove from the mailstore messages currently marked as deleted.
In 2.1, all mailboxes are synced automatically, sometimes after a small (= few seconds) delay.

The `Mailbox => Commit' actions now consists only of expunging, and should be renamed as such. The `auto-commit' pref is redundant, and should probably be removed, unless someone can think of something useful for it to do--expunge after a fixed, user-specified, delay is, to my mind, not a natural feature. Expunge-on-close seems more likely to meet a user's needs; currently, it's implemented in local mailboxes but not in IMAP mailboxes, and with no user control for either--that too should probably be fixed.

I don't think it's good to expose technical details like opening/closing/committing of individual mailboxes to the user, but that's balsa's architecture, so better arrange with it. ;)

Acutally, I believe that a user who doesn't check `View => Show mailbox tabs' is now more or less insulated from the details of opening and closing. If 'Hide deleted' and 'Expunge on close' (if it were fully implemented) were the default/new-user settings, the details of expunging would also be invisible.


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