Re: no delete on imap?

>>  I just installed balsa-2.1 for the first time and ran into quite  
>> some   problems.   First of all, I can't delete any messages. I can  
>> browse my inbox, but  the  delete option is greyed out in the toolbar  
>> and in the context menu.  Is  that  not implemented yet, or do I have  
>> a kind of read-only-access to my  server?  It worked fine in 2.0.17.
> It "should work". Does your window title says that the mailbox is  
> opened read-only?

I have a similar problem with 2.1, though I may just be missing something. 
When I try to delete messages from an IMAP folder they are tagged with the
little trash can icon.  However, I can't figure out how to actually expunge
the message.  Telling balsa to empty the trash has no affect on my IMAP


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