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Am 02.06.04 17:06 schrieb(en) W. Michael Petullo:
[snipped current msg part layout]
An alternative would be to replace the "Message parts" tab with a combo- box. Rather than display MIME types (text/plain), I think we should display the associated icon for each type. Something like this might be a simpler way to display the information above (imagine this as a combo- box):

View email as HTML [ envelope icon ]
View email as text [ envelope icon ]
View biketran.txt  [ text icon]

I agree with you that the part description as well as the icon can and should be improved. Please note, though, that the tree view of the message part is a way to show the user the message *structure* in first place. Your example was a quite simple one, but think of messages with an other message attached, and both of them being pgp/mime signed... You will quickly end up with ~15 or more different parts, and the tree view shows how they are actually arranged, e.g. which parts are covered by which pgp signature. The combo box would be more or less the "flat" solution of ancient balsa 2.0 releases (similar like the attachment window when composing messages). A nice side effect is that you can select more than one part for saving, or display an embedded message, btw.

In the example above, there is actually only one "main" part, and you can select in the prefs if you want to display the one the sender regards as the primary one or always display the plain one instead of html.

It might be a nice idea to add a part selection sub-popup to the right- click msg window menu in the way you suggested. But *please* keep the structure view...

preferences dialog (threading options, etc.).

Threading options are mailbox specific, so the prefs are not the right place.

4. The remote content within HTML emails is not displayed. This
[snipped html description]
I think this policy needs to be discussed.

Ouch! This would be a security hole, giving spammers (99% of html mail I get, btw) a perfect way to at least validate your mail address, and to trigger unwanted dial-ins. I am strongly opposed to the idea of implementing some kind of auto-loading, even if it does not produce all of the well-known problems of broken mua's like [spit] Microsnot Outlook... IMHO, there is no good reason to add external contents to html messages without a clickable link anyway, so the user knows what (s)he is doing if external material shall *really* be loaded. Also note that Balsa supports the multipart/external mechanism, which is a great alternative to load such stuff (at least the ietf uses it).

Just my € 0.01...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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