Re: 2.1.91 Discussion Points

On 07/11/2004 03:55:05 AM, Carlos Morgado wrote:

On Sun, 11 Jul 2004 02:44:49, W. Michael Petullo wrote:
> >> 2.  Balsa 2.1.91 won't open my IMAP mailboxes anymore.  2.1.90
> >> Balsa now displays "Shown mailbox: with 134 messages, 2
> but
> >> nothing is displayed in the message pane.
> > have you tried view -> flat index on that mailbox ?
> That fixes things. Thank you. But this begs an additional question
> discussion: why do IMAP folders not support threading?

As most servers support server-side threading the backend bits for client side aren't all there yet, but it's being worked on. This means currently balsa expects the IMAP server to do all the hard work :)

That's a tricky one! I guess we should at least present a flat list if the server does not support threading. What's the name of the IMAP server, by the way?


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