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(as the original word docs)

Ouch. These [spit] Microsnot formats are bad, even if OOO is now able to read them. They may contain viruses and all sorts of other nasty things, so you really should avoid to distribute them, even if Linux is not affected. Use pdf or something like that...

(or as html)

Hmmm, Mozilla displays just empty pages?

Displaying attachments

Outlook and others just show you the text of the message (in whichever
format it best can), and indicate if there are any conventional

If *only* the text is shown, this would IMHO break the rfc (don't remember which one; 2135? :-) which says that attachments with disposition type "inline" should be displayed automatically...

I want very much to do those two things. Balsa does the first already
(ISTM - doesn't it?) But not the second- attachment symbols appear on
almost every
email in the list.

Can Balsa look into the contents of each mail, and then do better - eg
something like:

Only display attachment symbols in the list by emails that really have
them, and:

  Handle "message parts" differently when there are attachments - eg
  by adding a third tab, "Attachments", which just lists them, and
  lets you click them? (And ideally, by then not showing the "Message
  parts" tab for ANY message, unless some "Show message parts" option
  is ticked in Tools|Options?

In 2.2.0, there is a button in the top-level headers box to pop up a menu to select all "real" attachments form, i.e. multipart/signed and similar stuff is hidden. I could try a backport to 2.0, but that needs some time. We all have a job and a family...

  When there are attachments, we should call that second tab
  And it should not list things like the plain text version of the main
  (or any other version like HTML). Just attachments - every other email

This is problematic if you get mails where the content of the text/plain and text/html parts is actually different. I don't know if it's allowed according to the rfc's, but they exist - e.g. Apple's adv mails contain a message that the MUA does'n display html in the plain part, and the adv in the html one. I configured balsa to display text/plain if possible (inter alia as the html font is sometimes so tiny that it's unreadable, which is gone with the bleeding edge gtkhtml, afaik).

  just shows you the message, and then the attachments.

  So, no "mixed parts". (And the other tab should be called Message, not

If there is a reason why Balsa is the way it is, here, please let me know
what it is. Or perhaps you have better ideas on this topic?

The structure view is in particular important for signed and/or encrypted messages where it is sometimes difficult to say which parts were actually protected by which signature. The structure view reveals which parts are in which container (multipart/signed). This can be pretty difficult if you think e.g. of forwarding a multipart/signed message as attachment, and signing the complete aggregate again, but with a different key, which may have different trust and validity. This is extremely important in an environment where crypto is necessary. So, if you want to have crypto, you IMHO need it...

A second point is that you can select multiple attachments in the structure view, and then select "Save all" in the right-click popup, which sometimes is handy.

Just my € 0.01...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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