Re: Preferences window

Am 08.07.2004 18:03 schrieb(en) Albrecht Dreß:
Not necessarily. I've been working at an astronomical institute (and still have friends there), where all machines are (close to heaven!) Sun's, with a US keyboard, and US locale. So the locale-based guess would be US-ASCII. In that environment, you can't even set a system- wide default, as people come from ~50 nations, including e.g. Russia, China and Romania, and of course they all have a different preferred replacement charset. I mention this here as I could convince some people to switch to balse, inter alia as ancient pine could not handle such messages. So, in short, I do not think the locale-based setting is a solution.

I don't want an endless argument, but don't people define their LANG in their own ".cshrc|.bashrc|.profile|whatever" in such cases?

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